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Hi, I'm Brent Mottershead
a brilliant cartoonist and book illustrator.

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Favortie Things


Secret Agent Squirrel - Loved the character. After all who wouldn’t want to be a secret agent.

Cartoon Character

Bugs Bunny - Loved the hands.


“If the world was made of gold men would die for a handful of dirt.” Gary Cooper as "Hooker" in Garden of Evil


We Bought a Zoo - I like the relationship the brothers have with each other…and after all it’s a zoo…who wouldn’t want to own a zoo.


Michelangelo - I know people would get mad but I always think if he was alive today he would make a great cartoonist.


Besides myself, my wife! - She keeps me on the straight and narrow. Even if I want to go a little crooked at times and really fast. I think in the now, but if I had to choose a historical figure, I would go with George Müller.


Red - It is a great colour to draw with. Lots of people think a black HB pencil should be used but no…red…it’s the best. And throw away the eraser. What you think is a mistake can turn out to be your best line in the picture.


Carol King "Anyone at all" or Barry McGuire "Eve of destruction" - I bought my daughter a mike and a speaker when she was 3. She flipped a box upside down, stood on it and started into her rendition of where are you Christmas. She didn’t get all the words but she became my favourite singer. In the professional realm of singing I would say Carol King “Anyone at All “..she has a great voice and I really like Barry McGuire “Eve of destruction” very prophetic. I grew up in the Vietnam war days so it’s always in my memories.


Batman - Lets face it Batman is a genius. Superman is good but if he was on Krypton he would be an everyday Joe. Batman made himself something with what he had on the planet , he came from… having a Kizillion dollars didn’t hurt either


All my kids are the best - I have 3 of my own. I love all children. Everyone has a beautiful smile. The war rages on for them.


Potatoes. Anything with potatoes. - A little salt and vinegar on them once they are cut in into thin slices doesn’t hurt either.


Coke, but Pepsi will do - I would love to say something great like something James bond would drink, but I’m a meat and potatoes guy so I would say Coke.

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Brent's Story

Started drawing as soon as I can remember and I remember Bugs Bunny and his hands. Cool hands.

I started designing my own characters when I was back in elementary school. My first character that I remember was a dog. A dog my brother still draws to this day…so I have that going for me.

I won a search for talent award for a non-profit organization ACT, years ago and had my drawing featured in their booklet. It was, of course, of a dog… howling.

I was in the military for a short time. Almost seriously injured a number of times…the third time I thought this has been fun but if I stay in this I could get killed so I packed in. I think they were happy to see me go.

After the military, I got involved with horses. I took to that like water. Horses were to me what dogs and cats are to many people. If I could I would have one in my backyard. It was like I spoke horse.

My stint in the military messed up my chance for art school so I was able to get into a college and studied sign writing. I became a lettering artist. Computers were not a big thing yet so everything was done by hand and brush. The PC was not invented but I once made a prediction to my instructor computers would take over everything and I wouldn’t touch a brush in 5 years. It took a bit longer than that but I was right. I really wish I had invested into a new company with an apple with a bite out of it. Reminded me of the Beatles record label. Oh, the chances I missed.

I was married to my wife in 1989 and had 3 children. I worked for the provincial government for 28 years as their sign writer and then left them to start my own graphics company, Duke Vegas Graphics. Then, of course, the world economy crashed and everything went to pot…perfect timing.

I applied at Disney while President Reagan was in office but was turned down. They had an American only policy that wouldn’t let them hire me at the time, so I started up my own cartoon strip and had it running in Kentucky and Tennessee. It was of a little boy and his grandfather. I came up with the characters in a dream. The grandfather is the character I used in the book I illustrated called Sam Samuels and his 7 sons.

I’m currently working a few more books that I hope will be finished soon and out on the market.

My plan is to one day own a house on a beach somewhere so I can go down and sit and watch the sun rise every morning and not have to wear a parka and winter boots.

Brent Mottershead rocking some shades